Digitain Announce Rocketon! Launch

Digitain has announced the relaunch of Rocketon!, a newly revamped and improved classic Fast Game, characterised by the company as a fantastic mix of patience, danger and thrills, where the longer customers wait before they act, the more they will potentially win.

Each game starts with a rocket launch, and the longer the rocket flies to customers, the greater the multiplier. Players must however, be careful of the start of the rocket boosters. Until the boosters begin and benefit from the multiplier, cash out, leave it too long and you’re going to lose!

To accompany a simple-to-play, but very exciting game, the updated Rocketon features new 3D animated graphics and soundtrack.

Hayk Sargsyan, Digitain’s Gaming Product Manager, excited to launch one of the best selling Fast Games, said: “Our partners and their customers love the existing version of Rocketon, it really is exceptionally popular across many markets. We are highly confident that the newly updated version will perform even better. The updated 3D graphics, as well as the improved customer experience, make this game a winner.”

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