Deuces & Joker Slot

Deuces & Joker is a video poker game designed and developed by Microgaming, a veteran in the online gambling industry. The video poker game has five wild cards and many great options, which gives an amazing benefit to any video poker’s menu because these wild cards allow everyone to win. The video poker game is designed for people who want to get a lot of money into action quickly as the poker game comes with speed controls that allow players to move through the game as fast as they want.

Deuces and Joker come with an RTP of 96.58% and has features like the gamble feature, risk/gamble (double) game. You can win as much as 10,000 coins, and in features like the autoplay mode, you can play your games with fewer distractions and lesser buttons to touch. Video poker is slightly different from standard poker because of the addition of the five wild cards. Still, regardless, it’s a good video poker game for both beginners and veterans as the gameplay is laid back and slow-paced.

In addition to the five wild cards, there is also a double feature that lets you risk winnings for a chance to double them by guessing a card to beat the dealers. The betting range varies and is low-roller friendly. With the lowest winning hand at three of a kind, landing four deuces and a joker will give that maximum pay of 10.000 coins. In this Deuces & Joker slot review, We’d see in details the visuals and payouts of the symbols in the game, how to play, interactive features, RTP and software provider, amongst others.

About Deuces & Joker Slot Game

Deuces & Joker is a video poker or poker slot where you get to deal cards and hope to have combinations that give payouts. The outlook of the game is one of high-quality graphics and solid colours. On opening the game, you observe a blue triangle overlapped by a red circle with lighter blue writing of Deuces & Joker, and the poker that follows is written in gold.

On opening, you see five cards laid upside-down and waiting for you to draw, you’d need to click on the paytable to select your bet and once you’re done, you’re set to begin the game. The game is played with 53 cards instead of the normal 52 standard cards, the 53rd card is the joker. Before each game begins, cards are shuffled and results are dealt randomly. All deuces in the deck are wilds and can be used to complete winning combinations.

Looking to the bottom left, you’d see + and – signs, which will allow you to increase or decrease your bet size. When you click the “Bet One” button, you’d be increasing the number of coins you bet by one, and if you want to bet the maximum, you use the maximum bet button. There is an option in the game, which is known as double, and it’s given after a win where you’re allowed to play for double the amount of that win.

For three of a kind cards, you get to win up to 5 coins, the straight cards wins you up to 10 coins, Flush wins you up to 15 coins, Full House also wins you up to 15 coins, 4 of a kind also wins you up to 15 coins, the straight flush wins you up to 30 coins, 5 of a kind pays 45 coins, the wild royal flush pays up to 60 coins, the 4 deuces alone pay up to 125 coins, and the natural royal flush pays up to 4000 coins.

How to Play Deuces & Joker Slots Online

  • You need to have a compatible web browser or online casino mobile application that supports the Microgaming poker slot to play video poker. For either beginners or veterans, these are the steps to take on how to play Deuces & Joker slot:
  • Pick one of your favourite online casinos and access it through your web browser on your laptops and phones or the casino’s application.
  • Click on the Poker video slot and wait for it to come on.
  • When the game comes on, you’d see first the interface, and you can click on the play button. This is where you can be a part of the card-dealing game and become familiar with the features and gameplay.
  • The next step will be to pick the desired amount of money to be placed as a bet after your deposit, and you can access this on the paytable menu. Your bet amount can be increased or decreased using the + and – buttons you’d find on the screen.
  • You can then use the “Deal” button to commence play, and when you tap on “Draw”, you get new cards. If you want to use the autoplay button, you’re going to have decisions made for you according to the table that will execute the optimum strategy for that situation. The Autoplay feature is available in expert mode. With the autoplay button, you can deal cards automatically multiple times.
  • Your winnings can be accessed on the payout/banking page, where you can pick your most preferrable methods to withdraw your wins and deposit bonus, if any.
  • You can also check out the winning combinations and the amount paid on matching combinations in the help menu.

The game can be played on all devices with an operating system that includes Laptops and Desktops and Mobile devices like your Smartphones and Smartwatches. The online casino you can access the game is either reached through a web browser or by the downloaded mobile application as it is fully compatible with mobile gaming.

Interactive Features

The interactive features that come with the game surpass that of the autoplay feature and buttons for ease of access during gameplay. There are bonus features that come with the game, which include:

  • Doubling: Here, you have the chance to double your wins by guessing a card to beat the dealer. There will be five cards dealt out, one which will be facing the dealer and four that are face down. When you pick one of the face-down cards and it is of higher value than the dealer card, you win. You can also continue to double until you lose and cn choose to collect at any time.
  • The Wilds: There are five wilds that can make an exciting 5-of-a-kind possibility and pays more than every other combination combined, except for the Royal Straight Flush.

What Symbol Triggers Deuces & Joker Slot Bonus Free Spins?

There are no free spins to be triggered in the Deuces & Joker videopoker. You can also check out plenty of slot games that offer up to 50 free spins totally free on the majority of casinos.

Paylines and Stakes

Bets may vary from a minimum of 0.25 coins to a maximum of 50 coins. With this maximum stake of 50 coins, you can get as much as 10,000 coins.

Deuces & Joker Slot Game Software

Deuces & Joker slot is powered by Microgaming software, and the software provider has been a pacesetter in the gambling industry for over two decades. The software provider is known as one of the pioneers of online casino games and has thrilled its fans with exciting games across all genres. Some of their most popular slot games include Deuces Wild, Game Of Thrones, Mermaid Millions, Bush Telegraph, Lucky Leprechaun, Tomb Raider, and Jurassic Park, amongst others. The software provider has won countless awards over the years for its stellar achievement and forever innovating features incorporated across all its games.

What is Deuces & Joker Slots RTP?

The RTP for Deuces & Joker is 96.58% and this is ideally in the range of RTP for most online slots. This implies for one coin bet per draw, you’d get an average return of 96.58 coins after 100 draws.

Slot Volatility

Deuces & Joker has medium variance which means there would be wins for players at regular intervals and also the jackpot at 10,000 coins.


Deuces & Joker Video poker is recommended for both beginners and veterans even when the poker is a bit different from the standard video poker. With its medium variance and RTP, players can be assured of regular wins.