Denmark’s Gambling Auth Issues Brexit Residency Notice

Spillemyndigheden, the national gambling authority of Denmark, stressed that all licenced incumbents of online gambling must ensure that their registered business entities reside either in an EU or EEA region.

As the UK government and EU counterparts reach the last negotiating window’ this week to negotiate a reciprocal trade agreement ahead of the EU Council Summit on 10-11 December, the Danish Authority has given its notice.

The United Kingdom and the EU will continue to cancel the current ‘transitional agreement’ on 1 January 2021 if no trade deal or further extension is triggered, with the United Kingdom no longer granting EU market access or Member State privileges.

The revised Gambling Act of Denmark requires a person to reside in Denmark or an EU/EEA country in order to maintain an online gambling licence approved by Spillemyndigheden.

Spillemyndigheden has warned its UK resident enterprises that as of 1 January “licence holders that are established in Great Britain after the end of the transition period are responsible for complying with the requirement of a representative in connection with their Danish licence if their circumstances change with Brexit.”

Impacted companies were advised to apply to ‘Annex C’ to the Gambling Act of Denmark, which requires operators to pass licences to new Spillemyndigheden-approved members.

Annex-C allows all licenced operators to send a ‘full declaration of the representative’ detailing personal details relating to the history of jobs, personal address, criminal records, debt and affiliation with the licenced enterprise.