Delasport Signs Skywind Agreement

Delasport, one of the industry’s top operators, has signed an agreement with Skywind Group. The collaboration will see the operator incorporate the vast portfolio of casino games and slots that Skywind provides.

In the past few months Skywind has been very successful, signing major deals with some of the industry’s leading companies. It has signed a deal with E-Play24, launching its content in June on the popular Italian online gaming operator and website, and the French online gambling business Betclic.

Representatives from Delasport, who recently joined forces with WeltBet, say their new partner adds to their range a special and well-rounded portfolio of stunning titles and look forward to a positive response from their partners and players.

Sami Kern Head of Delasport Casino, said: “Skywind adds a unique and well-rounded portfolio of amazing titles to our already bustling selection, with an engaging Live Casino and intricate slots, we are excited to see the positive reaction our partners and their players will have!”

With a content-driven experience in casino gaming, Delasport looks to stand out and offer only exceptional providers that are setting the standard for quality across the industry.”

Skywind officials, who recently gained access to Novibet material, say they ‘re excited to collaborate with their new ally and are confident the relationship will be mutually beneficial.

The Managing Director Oren Cohen Shwartz said: “We are thrilled to partner with Delasport and look forward to our mutually beneficial relationship growing even more profitable and successful.”