DCMS Releases 8-point Checklist For Gaming Companies And Stakeholders


The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) has released an 8-point checklist prepared for a possible No-Deal Brexit situation for gaming companies and broader stakeholders.

The Conservative government is currently retaining its timetable for the United Kingdom to exit all the institutions of the European Union on 31 October, insisting that it will not pursue any further delays to the withdrawal talks.

The government launched its’ Get Ready for Brexit ‘ initiative this September, instructing individual departments to provide their respective business sectors with planning advice and information.

The checklist of DCMS focuses on four main requirements that will be impacted by a No-Deal Brexit that includes employee status, information rights, EU market access and hardware imports.

All gambling firms have been advised to review visas and work permits for employees to work in their chosen country to ensure that requirements are met for employees to work.

In fact, UK betting companies were required to refer their EU workers to register with the’ EU Settlement Scheme’ of the government.

As far as electronic operations are concerned, DCMS urges UK operators to review all data agreements with EU / EEA customers in order to ensure that they can conduct legal transactions.

Furthermore UK operators must update their accounting procedures to ensure compliance with the rules of the European Economic Area (EEA).

Larger UK online gambling firms are recommended to nominate an’ EU representative’ to help them comply with a number of EU Member State gambling legislation.

UK gaming investors that import / export equipment or hardware are referred to the Brexit export or transport products information page of the government.


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