Darwin Gaming Becomes Latest YG Masters Sign-Up

Darwin Gaming, a start-up based in Malta, has become the latest addition to the YG Masters program of Yggdrasil, where it will develop, deploy and distribute games using the technology and network of the company.

Darwin Gaming, established in 2020, will be able to develop and distribute gaming content using Yggdrasil’s GATI technology in an attempt to “push the evolution of the gaming industry.”

Pushing the industry to new heights

Darwin Gaming CEO Nuno Gonçalinho said: “We’re delighted to partner with Yggdrasil, a company that is well known for pushing the industry to new heights, making this a great fit for our unique games to shine.”

GATI, or Game Adaptation Tools & Gui, is a pre-configured toolkit that allows studios and game developers to use standardised technology to produce and distribute games globally.

Distribution of games

As well as the Yggdrasil network of operating partners in various controlled igaming markets, YG Masters studios enjoy access to this. As a result, in close partnership with Yggdrasil, partners, including Darwin Gaming, will build and distribute games globally to optimise revenue.

Stuart McCarthy, Yggdrasil’s head of partner services, explained: “Darwin has a unique and innovative approach to game development driven by a talented and experienced team with a vision to change the game.

“As they are just setting off on their journey as a games studio it makes them the perfect partner for our rapidly expanding YG Masters program.

“By using our proven GATI technology they will propel their growth strategy. We are very excited to see the games that Darwin will create as a studio partner and we wish them a warm welcome to the program.”

Rui Pena, Darwin Gaming’s COO, added: “I’m excited for us to join the Masters program. Yggdrasil has been a driving force and inspiration in the industry and from working closely we can see it’s the fruit of quality technical expertise and well implemented out-of-the box ideas.

“This kind of passion is what drives us at Darwin so we’re looking forward to evolving the game together.

“At Darwin we work hard to push the evolution of the gaming industry and provide an experience that seamlessly fits in players’ lives, leveraging on graphics, sounds, touch interaction and ergonomics.”