Danske Spil Names Nikolas Lyhne-Knudsen As CEO

Danske Spil has named Nikolas Lynhe-Knudsen as its new Chief Executive Officer, who will take over from Susanne Mørch Koch from 1 October 2020 onwards.

Lynhe-Knudsen currently holds the position of Executive Board member and Director of Economics, Technology and Media Development at Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), having previously held a range of high-profile business and government positions – including tenure at the Ministry of Finance for ten years.

The new CEO declared: “I am extremely proud to be part of a historic company that has operated for the benefit of the whole of Denmark for more than 70 years.

“Together with the rest of the team at Danske Spil I look forward to continuing to secure the financial foundation under the associations and more than 1,300 initiatives in, among other things, cultural life, sports, health and the protection of the environment and climate, which benefit every year through the distribution funds from over DKK1bn from Danske Spil’s lotteries.”

Last week, the operator confirmed Peter Christensen ‘s appointment as new President. A former MP for the Venstre Liberal Party of Denmark, Christensen had previously served as tax minister (2011) and defence minister (2015) in the government of former Danish PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

The appointment has been confirmed by Nicolai Wammen, Denmark’s finance minister, with Christensen to succeed long-term Danske Spil chairman Peter Gæmelke, who will end his tenure of 10 years heading the board of governance of the monopoly operator.

Commenting on the appointment of Lynhe-Knudsen, Christensen added: “I am delighted to welcome Nikolas Lyhne-Knudsen to Danske Spil as new CEO on behalf of the board of directors.”

“[He] has the right skills and personal qualities to continue this important community mission and lay the foundation for the future of Danske Spil.”