Danish Gambling Helpline StopSpillet Receives Over 500 Calls

The Danish gambling regulator Spillemyndigheden has disclosed that since its launch at the beginning of this year, its StopSpillet helpline has experienced more than 500 calls.

The helpline had taken 348 calls from Denmark’s gamblers for the first six months of the year, with another 152 calls received between July 1 and September 11.

It is projected that 46% of those who visited the StopSpillet helpline were gamblers, while gamblers’ families made up 39% of callers.

“Based on experience with similar guides, we had expected 90 in the quarter, so it is overwhelming that so many have already contacted us,” Spillemyndigheden director Birgitte Sand said.

“On the one hand, it would be really good if players or relatives did not have challenges with games. But on the other hand we are of course both happy and proud of the many who have found our way and have shown us the great confidence to seek our help.”

5% of callers were identified as healthcare experts, while 10% sought guidance on casino problems and their related risks. Males make up the large bulk of callers, at 85% with 15% of calls being from females. However, females dominate for family members calling on behalf of gamblers, representing 69% of callers.

Linda Lomborg, office manager for StopSpillet, explained that StopSpillet would review the ways in which it ensured that problem gamblers were aware of the helpline service. She explained: “It’s not a great success in itself to have many calls.

“For us, the success criterion is that those who need us to know that we exist. We feel fortunate that the callers feel well-advised and guided to move forward in the process,”