Cypriot Govt Looks To Amend ‘Sports Betting Law’

The Cypriot Parliament has begun discussions on amending the nation’s ‘Sports Betting Law’ to support Cypriot football growth at all rates.

At a meeting attended by the Pancyprian Footballers Association (PASP), MPs proposed using a ‘percentage of all tax revenue generated from betting to support, educate and medically treat footballers at all levels in Cyprus.’

The proposed amendment would see the Cypriot government introduce a 0.3 percent tax on all sport wagers aimed at PASP football programmes.

PASP confirmed that it fully supports the amendment that was originally tabled three years ago in Cyprus ‘s parliament.

PASP President Spyros Neofytides said: “We salute this proposal put forth at the House of Representatives which has finally triggered a discussion after a period of three years. We are certain that the relevant officials will decide what’s best for the common good of Cypriot sports.”

Neofytides underlined the need for a new betting tax to help and expand the pool of 3,500 registered amateur and professional players in Cyprus.

PASP has emphasised the need to help athletes’ mental health services following the tragic suicide on 22 May of former Serbian Olympic Team and Agrotikos Asteras FC player Miljan Mrdaković.

Cyprus adopted its Sports Betting Law in 2012, enabling land and digital operators to sell fixed-odds betting markets under a Class 2 licence controlled by the National Betting Authority (NBA) of Cyprus.

There are currently 10 Cyprus NBA approved online sportsbooks that are charged a 10 percent betting income fee, combined with a 3 percent ‘civic levy’ targeted at problem gambling and domestic health services.

Last year, the Cyprus National Audit Office challenged the NBA in its management of sports betting operators, stating that two operators who had failed to register tax documents with local authorities had been granted licence renewals by the regulatory body.