CT Gaming To Showcase Array Of Diverse Products At ICE

CT Gaming, Casino Technology’s new brand name, presents a diverse and compelling new product release at its futuristic double-storey stand N5-140 at ICE London. Guests and visitors can experience a range of new offers, all adaptable to different markets.

CT Gaming Vice President Rossi McKee explained: “As we strive to evolve with the aim of meeting our customers’ expectations, we decided to embrace new name and vision which enables us to expand, accomplishing local and global growth objectives. Our new brand name CT Gaming represents our constant drive to improve.”

CT Gaming is launching an array of diverse product offerings in line with the new vision, covering both the land-based and online range. “Building upon the EZ Modulo collection of slot machines with new models, we are delivering even more entertainment. The centrepiece is the elegant EZ Modulo Titan that is a symphony of shapes, colours, and sounds developed to grab the attention,” “said CT Gaming’s Global Sales Director Elena Shaterova.

The EZ Modulo series of slot machines, optimised in every touch with modular design for easy conversion, showcase the cutting edge technology proposals of the company, combined with an innovative concept. The EZ Modulo slot machines come with the latest game kits from the retailer.

With the latest multi-games offerings the scope of the creative game features and gameplay of CT Gaming is on show. Featuring fresh attractive graphics, high-tech attractive games featuring a variety of styles including favourite fruit games, hot sevens and bars, symbol-trigger, wheel-spin, mystery-trigger, and many more, Mega Jack 2020 is the favourite new player.

After thorough market research of player tastes, the latest multi-game from the popular Speed King series–Speed King 2 consists of games, designed to be a player-favourite–from the already familiar ones to the new titles, all with original maths models. Because of its universal definition and applicability to unique consumer and operator needs, the new Gamopolis Speedway 76 multi-game aims to enhance the experience of players and add to the variety of product offerings in the gaming halls.

The newest multi-game Tower 105 offers a combination of vast game options which makes the multi-game a great choice for operators in search of high performance. The game pack offers various types of bonus schemes such as free games with frequent restart, expanded wilds, attractive winning combinations, additional winning lines, etc.

“Our main goal is the creation of first-class entertainment with all our products and offerings”, Shaterova said. The same goes for the iGaming scene where the firm operates through its online brand CT Gaming Interactive.

CT Gaming Interactive started the year with new releases of HTML5 games, which stand out with excellent maths design and visual presentation. “More releases will be presented at ICE London, stand N5-140,” Lachezar Petrov, Head of CT Gaming stated.

“With our new name and strategic plan for growth, CT Gaming is unfolding further its potential. We are working to deliver our vision, proceeding with a steady plan for continuous growth in 2020 and beyond,” McKee concluded.




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