CSPPA Choose EPIC As Gambling Awareness Partner

The Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association (CSPPA) has chosen EPIC Risk Management to become its global Gambling Awareness Partner.

This deal, hailed as the ‘first of its kind,’ will see EPIC and CSPPA working together in the esports industry to mitigate gambling-related damage.

Landmark agreement

Paul Buck, CEO of EPIC Risk Management said: “We’re delighted to announce such a landmark agreement. I must applaud the leadership of the CSPPA for taking a lead in esports around the threats of gambling harm, and we are very excited to launch a first of its kind agreement between an esports players association in this space.

“At EPIC, we have a proven track record of working with athletes to make them aware of the  potentially destructive financial implications and health issues that out-of-control gambling  can cause.”

Associated risks of gambling

In addition to the risk management programmes offered by EPIC, CSPPA participants will benefit from a series of sessions and engagements designed to ‘provide impactful and proven awareness’ of the risks associated with gambling.

Buck continued: “The work we do covers harmful products and practices and enables athletes to  make well-informed decisions, reducing distraction, in addition to educating them on betting integrity issues and their potential problems that out-of-control gambling can cause. 

“The proliferation of gambling on esports and the growth of this sector shows that there’s a broad demographic of people, which include esports players themselves, their fans, audiences and commercial entities who could be at-risk to problem gambling.  

“In our conversations with the CSPPA, we’ve been made aware of the potential issues  related to gambling addictions in professional CS:GO. This partnership now means that CSPPA is engaged with EPIC to raise awareness of these issues and help its members with any gambling-related problems along with the convergence between esports gaming and  gambling.” 

Association for professional players

CSPPA is the most common Counter-Strike video game worldwide association for professional players, which is frequently featured in esports events.

This new agreement for EPIC enhances its position in the esports industry, having previously named Jonathan Peniket as its consultant for esports and online gaming. His appointment, EPIC said, is part of its broader plan to offer sessions in the education and professional sports pillars of the organisation in the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA.

CSPPA CEO Mads Øland concluded: “The CSPPA understands that elite athletes, including CSPPA  Members, are potentially more vulnerable to gambling addiction and betting integrity issues.

“The CSPPA is committed to protecting its members from the potential harms of gambling  addiction, which not only harms the individual both financially and with regards to mental  health, but also exposes and makes players vulnerable to further abuse relating to betting  integrity and match-fixing.  

“We are delighted to be working with EPIC on a multi-year collaboration as they are  recognised as the leading organisation globally for gambling awareness and have conducted  proven programmes across many mainstream traditional sports at an elite level.”