Says Gambling Cryptocurrencies Worth Over $150m

According to analysis from, cryptocurrencies generated exclusively for the gambling industry now have a total value in excess of $150 m.

The data is provided by a newly launched tracker, which tracks the real-time value of gambling-dedicated cryptocurrencies, as well as providing broad sector insights and data.

With a total valuation of $161.83 m in the gambling cryptocurrency sector at the time of publishing, gambling-focused cryptocurrencies, such as the $FUN token from FunFair Technologies, remain common among crypto-traders.

Currently, market capitalisation’s most valuable gaming cryptocurrency is $WIN, a coin used to fuel the $35.7 m decentralised WINk casino.

The collective market cap of the leading 22 gaming cryptocurrencies now exceeds $150 million, with speculators selling over $3 million a day through those coins.

In addition, five gambling-focused cryptocurrencies now have market capitalisation of more than $10 m. More than 30.000 customers play at blockchain casinos every week, according to previous research by the team.

A spokesperson for said: “Cryptocurrencies created for the gambling industry are increasingly attracting the attention of traders.

“As the crypto gambling sector continues to consolidate, investors are identifying a handful of cryptocurrencies with high growth potential, and investing significant sums to ensure they do not miss out on the action.”