Crucial Compliance Reveal Behavioural Security Scheme

In the sense of a market change “toward a more sustainable way of conducting business,” Crucial Compliance has unveiled its behavioural management player security scheme.

Building a safer environment

In a bid to encourage gaming companies to cross regulation and build a safer gambling environment in one kit, Crucial Player Protection was introduced by the Gibraltar-based safer gambling consultancy.

Compliance goals

The introduction was commented on by Andy Masters, COO at Crucial Compliance: “Your team’s goal is to prevent gambling related harm and manage it accordingly. We are very proud that we have developed a system that gives you a bird’s eye view of where you are in relation to your compliance goals and minimising risk to both players and operators. 

“Our commercial model is simple; from fully supported and fully integrated right through to whole solution outright purchase or a mixture of both.”

Via advanced modeling, CPP seamlessly integrates player behaviour analysis, including full suite player management software to provide insight to compliance teams to control and communicate with players at scale.

Identification of harmful play

It also tracks and analyses the shift in conduct of a consumer towards their own acts over time, which is aimed at facilitating better identification of harmful play that leads to damage associated with gambling.

Following ever-changing regulations

The framework is designed to follow ever-changing regulations in all markets and, regardless of brand, can be fully customised to each vertical product from a single player view.

CEO at Crucial Compliance, Paul Foster, added: “We see a shift in the global gambling industry towards a more sustainable way of conducting business. Player protection is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but an essential part of any business model. 

“With regulators often retrospectively changing their expectations, it is important that operators have an easy solution to track customer behaviour and interact in the right way at the right time. This software allows you to do just that.”