Credo Develops Ice-Capade An Ice Adventure

Credo a turnkey company based in Dubai, has been hard at work since its inception and has developed Ice-Capade, an ice adventure centre design.

Jenny Impens explained at the DEAL show in Dubai where she initially presented the plans for development in the sector for her and her colleague and Ice-Capade is one of the first projects the business has high hopes for.

The concept offers a variety of ice-focused events such as skating for all ages, ice bumper cars, ice slides, overhead ropes and ziplines, a playground for younger children as well as a chic central café for parents to relax while their kids play.

Targeted at both families and corporate audiences, the main theme of Ice-Capade is adventure majors while all activities are planned to be appropriate for team building and other similar events.

Ideally, the project requires an area of approximately 3500sq.m with a height clearance of at least 7 m, but Ice-Capade has been specifically designed with an emphasis on versatility, making it easy to adjust to different budgets and facilities from shopping malls to stand-alone locations or to be incorporated into an existing ice-rink similarly.

“We have developed Ice-Capade with the intention to offer investors and developers a concept which focuses on the efficient usage of space, skill-driven activities, repeat visitation and the targeting of different groups to optimise footfall,” said Impens. “We were driven by ease of installation and flexibility when we devised with the concept. We believe Ice-Capade is a unique and contemporary product that leverages current trends of getting active, healthy living and encouraging non-digital social activities.”

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