Costa Rica Online Gaming Licences Being Reviewed

Costa Rica’s Social Protection Board (JPS) has announced that it is reviewing five options for online gaming licences, including cyber lottery and sports betting.

The procedure of receiving offers from both domestic and foreign operators began on March 16 and ended last week. The JPS received five offers, according to Teletica, and a legal representative sent a proposal via official mail.

Each operator chosen by the JPS would be required to pay a deposit of between $100k and $200k to the JPS, as well as a pledge of $250k.

Revenue for 500 social programs

JPS President Esmeralda Britton said: “This institution intends to ensure that revenue is generated for the 500 social programs that aim to help vulnerable people who benefit from the money that comes from the commercialisation of these products.”

According to previous JPS records, there will be three separate platforms, each of which will be approved by a concession to two operators.

In addition, the Board will retain 70 percent of gains, and there will be no middlemen between the activities and the JPS. The proposed databases and games would now become the property of the JPS, which is a significant consideration.

“The Board has demonstrated throughout its almost 176 years of existence its ability to evolve and adapt to new times. We believe that in the case of the digital age, the institution is walking on the path of technological transformation that allows us to strengthen social protection,” said Britton.