Costa Rica Casino City Caribe Still Going Ahead

It’s been almost two years since there has been any significant update on a planned casino on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, but the project is going forward and is still trying to become a reality.

The $400 million Casino City Caribe was first announced in April 2018 and is expected to be fully completed by 2027, though various sections will be opened along the way in phases. If things go according to plan, local outlets say Costa Rica could be lifted into the same conversation as hubs like Las Vegas and Macau and given them a run for their money.

In the Caribbean coastal city of Moin, Casino City Resort is being developed and the use of “city” in the title is fitting. Three casino hotels, a riverboat casino, a marina, a conference centre, 240 apartments on the beach, and 180 vacation home lots are expected to be available for individual sale. A spa and wellness centre will also be included, as the resort looks to attract tourists of all kinds, not just gamblers.

For its economy, Costa Rica relies heavily on tourism; the country would miss around $1.7 billion a year without it. It’s the economy’s bread-and-butter, but most of the activity currently found is on the Pacific coast of the country and its many beaches on that side–not much development of tourism has occurred on the eastern waters. Casino City Resort is looking forward to improving that.

Development means more than simply transforming raw land into buildings. New roads must be added, a new airport is planned and a complete infrastructure must be included. The massive undertaking’s first phase is about to really start this March with the project’s first phase, the Royal Tortuguero Resort Casino Hotel, to be put up during the dry season. One of the casinos, a clubhouse and a 60-room hotel will be included.

As the project gains traction from tourists as well as interest from new investors, according to Patti Rao, additional facilities will be added from there. Rao is the owner of Patti Rao Projects, who started the project and is now beginning to see his vision come to life. “I work hard for the success of the project, for the progress of Limón and Costa Rica, and for the tourist and economic growth of the Caribbean coast,” he says.