Corrientes Argentina Adopts Regulated Online Gambling

The Argentine province of Corrientes adopted the laws governing internet gaming, including sports betting, horse racing, video games, online poker games, live casino, and bingo, by Resolution No. 0615-I.

The Institute of Lottery and Casinos (ILCC) will be in charge of ensuring that operators stick to the Gaming and Betting Specific Regulations.

The resolution, dated December 3, 2020, but published and signed by Auditor Leandro Enrique Alciati in the Corrientes Official Gazette on March 3, stipulates that a foreign operator requesting a licence must first create a Temporary Union of Companies (UTE) with a national entity.

Technological, economic and financial viability

They must also demonstrate their technological, economic, and financial viability to conduct online gambling in Corrientes via documentation and reports.

Furthermore, families of ILCC officials and individuals convicted or accused of money laundering will not be eligible to apply for a visa, according to the resolution.

Licensees must also, among other things, “develop the activity in Corrientes,” “establish an address” in the province, “demonstrate on the website that they have an ILCC licence,” and “collaborate with the State to detect and eradicate illegal gambling, fraud, and crime.”

The ILCC will be in charge of accepting demands to advertise games in terms of advertisement. The Institute will also monitor whether the businesses follow such guidelines, such as not targeting minors or sending false messages.

“Online gambling will be approached from a comprehensive policy of social responsibility that considers gambling as a complex phenomenon, combining preventive actions and good practices,” the regulations say.

Operators must also enable a setting that allows players to set limits, request temporary or permanent exclusion, or set a time limit, as well as a complaints channel to collect information about possible risks, according to the ILCC. The ILCC, on the other hand, “will be in charge of the electronic Self-Exclusion Registry,” which will be connected to the players’ registry.

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