The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) has urged FIFA to come up with options for member associations during the COVID-19 crisis, with the confederation demanding new steps to reduce the effects ‘without further delay.’

CONMEBOL explained in a letter signed by President Alejandro Domínguez that ‘the fight against an unpredictable force’ needs them to pursue ‘extraordinary and efficient solutions’ in order to aid Member Association during the health crisis

CONMEBOL requested the FIFA Task Force to discuss and evaluate the Global Aid Fund which would allow them to address the economic challenges raised by the global health emergency. Domínguez also reported that each association was approached by the confederation and offered members and teams up to $75million.

“These efforts are not enough to mitigate the difficult situation that our affiliates are going through, which is why we need to come to their rescue as fast as possible,” he continued.

Last week, CONMEBOL highlighted the administration’s work and said it took all the required measures so that the teams would be ready once competitions resumed as usual within the continent.

Domínguez added that planning to face the virus is important to CONMEBOL: “With the house in order and strong finances, we will be able to face these exceptional circumstances with confidence.”

The Federation Council has unanimously approved this year’s budget and released the 2019 financial statements, with gross sales of $509 million and an increase of 146 percent compared to 2015.