Companies Join Billericay Town FC Gambling Harm Prevention Alliance

The Big Step, Gambling with Lives, GamFan, RecoverMe, GamBan, and the All Bets Are Off podcast have announced a gambling harm prevention alliance with Billericay Town FC.

The outfit of the National League South notes that the collaboration would highlight the risks of gambling and signal appropriate assistance to individuals directly or indirectly impacted by addiction.

Nick Hutt, one of Billericay Town FC’s owners, explained: “Every football club needs to make their own decisions with respect to their community and ESG credentials.

“At Billericay Town FC we feel that in the same way as investors evaluate corporate behaviour when considering investment opportunities, we have to make the same considerations when choosing who to partner with for advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

“We seek partners that share our values to seek positive returns and to have a long-term impact on society. Through the cycle it’s clear that having strong ESG credentials is beneficial and not detrimental and whilst there is a place for sports gambling, the scale of gaming advertising within football has become disproportionate to other industries.

“We also welcome this great opportunity to raise awareness of some absolutely wonderful charities that are doing a magnificent job to lobby for safer gambling and to support addicts and their families with this terrible illness.”

The club will sign fans and followers for organisations that assist with gambling addiction, such as GamFam and RecoverMe, from today, Friday 27 November, until Friday 4 December, to ensure that individuals receive the support they need.

In addition, the fixture against Hampton & Richmond Borough this weekend will feature Gambling with Lives as a match sponsor, with next week’s match against Chelmsford City having the room filled by the All Bets Are Off podcast.

A former gambling addict and producer of the ‘All Bets are Off’ Podcast, Ryan Pitcher, said: “Billericay Town have been superb and extremely reciprocal from the off-set. Billericay are a fine example of a football club that works for the community and they take their social responsibilities seriously.

“It’s wonderful to hear just how passionate they are about raising awareness of gambling-harm, addiction recovery, and share some of the excellent campaign work of our trusted partners. We hope that this will be the start of a long-term collaboration, and we wish Billericay all the very best when they step over that white line.”

The Big Step founder and senior programme manager at Gambling with Lives, James Grimes, himself a former gambling addict, added: “We’re delighted to have the support of Billericay Town during a pivotal time for gambling reform in the UK. As a recovering gambling addict and massive football fan, I’m equally passionate in ensuring football is part of the solution in reducing gambling harms in this country.”