Colombian Federation Propose Reactivation Of The Economy

Last week, Bogotá Mayor Claudia López held a conference to discuss the regeneration of the Colombian capital’s economy. During the meeting, Juan Esteban Orrego, Executive Director of Bogotá’s Colombian National Federation of Traders (FENALCO), introduced five potential steps to reactivate the local economy, as well as the latest data showing the effect of the pandemic on the region.

Restrictions on commercial industries

A clarification of the restrictions on commercial industries such as casinos is one of the five reactivation steps. He also introduced a priority package to alleviate the negative effects of the pandemic, focusing on the ‘rationalisation of the tax burden and tax relief’ in order to allow Bogotá to reach its revenue targets.

“A quite difficult situation for the business world, but our goal as traders is to move forward, and we are working on that,” said Orrego.

New sales channels

He added: “Currently, 84 percent of businesses have implemented new sales channels (addresses, social networks, internet platforms), they have also implemented biosafety protocols endorsed by the District and today we present to the District Administration a five-step path for sustainable economic reactivation focused on meeting the goals of the development plan.” 

In addition, Mayor López highlighted the “Bogotá a Cielo Abierto” programme, which she said was “essential for the economic reactivation of the city.”


The Mayor stressed during the conference that the commercial sectors need to generate revenue, including casinos, technology, tourism, beauty and gastronomy. “Formal trade generates taxes and informal trade generates income for families.”