Coljuegos President Confirms Colombia Approves Live Casino

Juan B Pérez Hidalgo, president of the Colombian regulator Coljuegos, announced during the LatAm Market Day at SBC’s Digital Summit that the country has approved a live vertical casino for online operators with an existing licence.

In Colombia “What’s next? Lessons from the pioneer country in online gaming in Latin America” the online gaming panel reported that the 2016 Agreement 04 had been updated to expand opportunities for operators.

“Today we approved live casino,” he said. “We have technical requirements for the platform and the integration, and we use international quality standards.”

Coljuegos must start checking the funds and financial capacities of the operators before they can add this bid. They will also try to speed up the process of enabling the vertical which, particularly during the current COVID-19 outbreak, is expected to generate great interest among Colombian players.

Fecoljuegos president Evert Montero Cárdenas added: “This is part of what we need to reactivate the economy. This is great news and we hope it keeps expanding.

“Now, the challenge is to integrate the land-based operators in the live casino vertical, so they can offer their terminals and services, since they’re in a very difficult situation due to the health crisis.”

The required enclosure, according to Pérez Hidalgo, would help online operators draw an audience previously unaware of the vertical. Furthermore, given that 78 percent of bets were made on football which is now suspended due to the COVID health crisis, it can be seen that the lack of sporting activities has prompted authorities to search for new solutions.

Wplay CEO Julio César Tamayo concluded: “The situation we’re currently in has brought to the front some of the things we had proposed for the industry. I think Coljuegos understood this very well. We’re now focusing on other modalities that we didn’t see as a priority before. We welcome this approval and we think it can save our business.”