Codere Argentina Signs Walmart Agreement For Employees

Codere Argentina has concluded an agreement with the Walmart supermarket chain that will allow its employees to temporarily work in various stores in the province of Buenos Aires.

Temporarily, they will replace 117 Walmart workers currently on leave.

Codere wrote: “The company is in a very complex situation as it has been paralyzed in 100 per cent for more than 150 days. Since then, Codere Argentina has put at the center of its efforts the maintenance of the sources of work and the employment of its most of 2,700 employees, and this solution is in line with this priority.”

For the most part, the workers who join the chain may occupy roles connected to staff that are preventively excluded due to potential near encounters or positive Covid events, or eligible to belong to risk groups or impacted by child care.

Codere will continue to comply with the payment of the non-remunerative allowance in the context of the suspensions pursuant to Article 223a of the Labor Contract Law for employees joining this initiative, to whom the full salary of the supermarket chain will be added.

Codere Argentina is the largest bingo hall operator in the Province of Buenos Aires, with more than 5,200 slot machines being installed in total 14 halls in operation.