Clive Hawkswood Appointed Non-Exec Director Of beBettor

The Chair of Responsible Affiliates in iGaming (RAiG), Clive Hawkswood has been appointed as the non-executive director of the responsible gambling software service provider beBettor.

Hawkswood will join the company at a time when the UKGC has given priority to checks on affordability, in particular during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Harry Cott, chief executive officer of beBettor, commented: “We are delighted to officially announce Clive joining beBettor’s board of directors. We see his experience as the previous CEO of the RGA as invaluable, understanding the concerns of the industry whilst delivering on consumer protection initiatives such as GAMSTOP. His knowledge and guidance will be key to us fulfilling our ambitions in helping shape the future of sustainable gambling.”

Hawkswood will carry his iGaming industry expertise to support the Single Customer View offering from beBettor. His expertise will also make sure the flagship Affordability Check product from beBettor can be rolled out to operators.

BeBettor Affordability Checks provide additional data to assist operators in tailoring individual customer experience and shielding consumers from the gambling harms associated with spending beyond their means.

The beBettor Affordability Check also recognises those most at risk to help those who need it most, such as those on bankruptcy or insolvency lists.

Non-executive director Clive Hawkswood added:“beBettor’s innovative approach to affordability has provided a new, scalable solution that allows operators to understand more about their entire customer base.

“Whilst their vision for the Single Customer View shows an exciting future for the industry that will ultimately benefit and protect the player in ways that were not previously possible.”