Clarion Supports ICE London 2020 Internationally

Clarion’s strategy in support of ICE London 2020 will include extensive online marketing campaigns, including print and online advertisement, post and electronic messaging, social media, PPC, content marketing, referral initiatives, and an extension of the partner network focusing on key local channels, with the global reach of the event.

Using the annual celebration of the United Nations Day. October 24, to validate the international integrated project, Marketing Head Dan Stone said: “ICE London attracts more visitors from more countries than any other B2B gaming event held anywhere in the world.

“Gaming professionals from a record 155 countries were represented at the 2019 edition, and our objective is to consolidate and, if at all possible, to grow that figure in 2020 even though the number of countries recognised by the UN is marginally higher standing at 197.

“Our ‘Into The Future’ campaign narrative resonates with audiences in every one of our gaming verticals and we will be working with the international community of digital and print specialist gaming media as well as utilising the influence of social media to maximise the brand’s reach.”

He added: “Very few business exhibitions in any sector can compare with the internationalism of ICE London: it is something that we have worked hard to achieve over the last decade and a brand characteristic that our stakeholders place great emphasis on. Having access to the entire gaming universe in one place is a huge benefit and it is unique to ICE London.”

Clarion Gaming invites its investors to ‘ Step Leap, Dive and Look – Into The Future ‘ alongside 600 + technology experts and 35,000 + gaming professionals for three days of business development, learning and celebrating the global gaming community.