Clarion Gaming Cancel 3rd Edition ICE Africa 2021

Clarion Gaming has announced its decision to cancel the 3rd edition of ICE Africa, which was set to take place from the 26th to the 28th of October. Clarion is returning to in-person activities in a calculated and realistic manner, according to the announcement.

Clarion Gaming’s Managing Director, Stuart Hunter, explained: “When the full scale of the pandemic became clear last year we took the decision to focus our resources and energies into three in-person events – the co-located ICE London and iGB Affiliate London as well as iGB Live! in Amsterdam.

“Whilst we are not holding any other dedicated in-person events, we are launching an advanced global gaming platform which goes live in April 2021. The ICE 365 content series will focus on key verticals, topics and subsets of the global gaming sector and will include dedicated Africa-focused content throughout the year.

“It will provide expert insights delivered across a range of formats, including reports, exclusive C-Level interviews from the leadership figures shaping the industry, unique data, video and live discussions. Every piece of content will be archived and available on-demand for stakeholders to access free of charge 24/7.

“Our strong digital presence has been enhanced further with the launch of ICE Connect, which uses highly sophisticated matching algorithms, ranking and scheduling software, to match operators with relevant, industry-leading solution providers who can solve their challenges and help them run their operations more efficiently.

“As a result, both delegates and solution providers spend 100 per cent of their time in meaningful and productive meetings. We will continue to support the growth of the gaming industry in Africa via these new channels and create opportunities to facilitate business development as we look to expand our ICE Connect models in the future.”

He added: “Looking beyond 2021 we will need to see what the future looks like post-pandemic and decide our strategy accordingly. The Clarion Gaming brands have been able to grow thanks to the tremendous support of our stakeholder communities and ICE Africa represents a powerful case study of that partnership and collaboration in action.”