CINT To Investigate Belgium Gambling Commission

Belgium’s Center for Integrity (CINT), a division serving the federal ombudsman of the country, is scheduled to investigate the Belgium Gambling Commission (BGC) with a review of the principles, policies and practises of integrity of the regulatory authority.

The investigation follows an’ internal complaint’ launched last summer against the BGC, accusing senior officials of’ ethics violations’ in relation to governing Belgium’s gambling marketplace. The CINT is a government agency that can conduct enquiries on actions allegations against federal administrative agencies.

Belgian news sources report that CINT will investigate whether BGC officials have participated in corruption knowingly and whether they have broken the code of ethics of the regulator.

The CINT will review five core charges related to the behaviour of civil servants, including misuse of government funds, abuse of power, interception of emails from employees, and acceptance of BGC licenced operators ‘ gifts.

Belgium Dutch language newspaper Het Laatste has announced that the CINT officials will prosecute Peter Naessens, Acting Director-General of the BGC. Naessens has released a declaration denying any wrongdoing and further stresses that he will protect himself against all charges.

Belgian Federal Justice Minister Koen Geens, accused of BGC departmental oversight, said he would not comment on the investigation until the CINT concludes its report.

Geens also reaffirmed that appropriate action will be taken against civil servants who have contravened the principles and expectations of BGC.