Chips Charity Thrilled With NRM Group Partnership

Independently owned gaming technology and software services company NRM Group has unveiled a new alliance alongside charity Chips from the industry.

Chips was established on behalf of the UK casino and gaming industry to raise funds for young people with varying disabilities to buy specialist electric wheelchairs.

This aims to help kids who would otherwise have no means to get around and offers wheelchairs that the NHS can’t or won’t provide and that the family can’t afford to buy.

Linda Lindsay, Chips Charity co-founder, commented: “I am absolutely thrilled to be able to include NRM/Connected Entertainment among our community of supporters. It’s thanks to the wonderful generosity of companies such as NRM/Connected, that we continue to deliver powered chairs to those families for whom the NHS is unable to assist.

“Since our launch we have raised in excess of £2.4m allowing us to purchase over 550 wheelchairs. However, the demand for powered wheelchairs will always exceed our ability to supply them, but with the help of supporters such as NRM/Connected Entertainment, Chips can help to close that gap.”

NRM and its sister company Connected Entertainment celebrated the collaboration by presenting to 12-year-old Sofie Davidson from Middlesbrough their first sponsored tailor-made electric wheelchair.

Sofie lives with Spina Bifida and Scoliosis, which severely limits the mobility in her lower limbs, leading to almost constant back pain, which in the future may require surgery.

Andrew Ludlow, NRM’s managing director, explained: “We’ve enjoyed a fabulous morning in the company of Lisa and Sofie. The team at NRM/Connected alongside our customers throughout the industry have all worked tremendously hard to raise sufficient funds to purchase the Chips chair, and seeing Sofie and Lisa has made it all so worthwhile.

“I speak on behalf of everyone at the company when I say quite how uplifting it has been to see how these small gestures can materially impact somebody’s life for the better.”

Adding: “Chips is a unique charity which was formed by the gaming industry and which encapsulates many of its stand-out characteristics. Under the leadership of Chips co-founder, Linda Lindsay It is also a supremely efficient organisation with every penny that’s raised going directly to the purchase of chairs such as the one we have presented today.

“We look forward to continuing our relationship with Chips and beginning the next phase of our campaign to fund a second powered chair very soon.”