CEO Mark Brown Leaves Saipan Casino Imperial Pacific

Imperial Pacific International (IPI) casino operator from Saipan is looking for a new CEO to succeed Mark Brown, who resigned unexpectedly this weekend.

The Marianas Variety reported on Tuesday that Brown sent an email to the Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) on Sunday saying he resigned from his role as chief executive of the IPI, effective immediately. Edward Deleon Guerrero, exec director of the CCC said the hunt for Brown’s replacement by the IPI was already underway.

Deleon Guerrero said he was not able to disclose the reason for the resignation of Brown. Brown was a no-show at the monthly meeting of the CCC last month, prompting CCC chairman Juan Sablan to grumble that the CCC may “need to subpoena” Brown to ensure his attendance.

Brown was the original CEO of the IPI but in early 2017 he shed the mantle to become the chairman of the IPI. A year ago, Brown left the company fully on the U.S. mainland to “pursue other ventures close to his family,” only to return as interim chairman in late 2018 and ultimately assume the position of CEO as well.

Brown’s new departure comes only one month after FBI agents raided IPI offices as part of a federal investigation into alleged wire fraud, money laundering, and illegal campaign contributions surrounding the Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth Gov. Ralph Torres.

Brown is not the only senior IPI leader to announce his departure recently. Last week, Philip Tydingco, IPI’s general counsel, revealed that 13 December will be his last day on the job. Local media this week reported that Joey Patrick San Nicolas, who served as CNMI attorney general from 2012 to 2014, will fill the role of Tyndigco.

IPI continues to struggle to complete its Imperial Palace Resort in addition to its legal woes in the face of perpetual labour shortages and conflicts with the workers it has. Often accused of shortchanging the CNMI government was the financially struggling company by arbitrarily demanding’ credits’ that surpassed what little tax IPI licence allows it to remit.