Celebrity Add Clamp Down Ahead Of Safer Gambling Week

As more accountable gambling regulation comes in, the new plan will clamp down on celebrity ads ahead of Safer Gambling Week in November.

The use of celebrities common with under-18s would be prohibited in gambling and betting ads under proposed new regulations, while ads involving celebrities that are not substantially successful with younger audiences would still be permitted.

The Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) said the new rules would affect the use of famous athletes and celebrities from the popular TV dating show Take Me Out, including reality TV stars and celebrities such as Paddy McGuinness.

At the moment, Paddy McGuinness is the spokesman for JackpotJoy, one of the country’s top online bingo sites. But we may be saying goodbye to the trusty supporter under new legislation.

The new law comes as a result of recent research conducted by GambleAware, whose results found that ads that already comply with the UK code of conduct actually impact under-18s more than previously believed, partially due to sponsorship by influencers.

Although several advocacy groups call for an advertising ban on all gambling content, the CAP said that there is insufficient evidence available to support a complete ban, particularly with the ‘whistle-to-whistle’ ban implemented last summer, which forbids betting ads during sporting events.

A new survey by the Clean Up Gambling campaign group revealed that one third of football fans are averse to purchasing their team kit when it reveals sponsorship for gambling or betting. And there is an increasing trend among fans of the sport towards fully cutting ties with the gambling industry. This is in spite of football figures such as Jose Mourinho and Harry Redknapp, who respectively sponsor Paddy Power and BetVictor.

Under new regulations, promotions such as Mecca Bingo’s Mecca Dream Come True and MrQ ‘s collaboration with Amy Childs and Cara Delahoyde could come under fire, as they star celebrities with a wide audience of under-18s.

In order to comply with the new rules, sites such as Bingo All Stars, whose unique selling point is that they are star studded, will have to undergo a full rebrand. Bingo All Stars will not have to fear, however, because their celebrity hosts, including Christopher Biggins, Linda Lusardi, and Rustie Lee, do not attract anyone under the age of 40.