Catena Media Report Exceptionally Strong Opening

Catena Media has announced a ‘exceptionally strong opening’ to its 2021 trading, with sales expected to exceed €40 million in the first year.

Catena, a Stockholm-listed partner marketing publisher, issued its Q1 pre-close trading statement Friday morning, informing investors that the company would post a record quarterly sales result.

Q1 adjusted EBITDA

Catena informed investors that its Q1 adjusted EBITDA would be in the range of €23.9 to €25 million, representing an expansion of 85 to 94 percent over the comparable 2020 figures.

Catena’s improving earnings performance have been fuelled by a sharp rise in EBITDA operating margins, which are now in the 59-to-62 percent range, up from 48 percent in Q1 2020.

Continued strong performance

A Catena statement read: “Catena Media announced a strong start in January, and the business has since continued to deliver strong performance for the rest of the quarter leading to preliminary estimated quarterly all-time high revenues and earnings, which significantly exceed the market’s expectations.”

The numbers could end up above or below the planned levels, according to Catena, who added that the company’s final results for Q4 2021 will be released on May 19, 2021.

“This trading update reaffirms our strong start to the year, and I am excited and proud of our teams’ exceptional focus on driving our global portfolio of affiliation brands, and the resulting performance,” said Catena Media CEO Michael Daly.

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