Casinos And Bingo Halls In Scotland Teo Ropen Next Month

The Betting and Gaming Council welcomed proposals to reopen casinos and bingo halls across Scotland, and commended the decision to allow betting shops to turn on gaming machines from next month.

Following this week’s decision to reopen casinos across England (Saturday, August 1), the BGC encouraged both the Scottish and Welsh governments to follow suit.

The Scottish Government has subsequently issued the facilities an approximate date of August 24 for when they will emerge from the COVID-19 lockout subject to stringent measures to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

It will see the 11 casinos in Scotland, which hire about 800 people, have perspex displays, hand sanitising devices, monitoring and tracing systems and strict social distancing measures.

In a speech to the Scottish Parliament, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed the most recent relaxation of the country’s coronavirus lockout.

In addition, it was also announced that Scottish betting shops would be allowed to turn their gaming machines back on from August 24, despite questions regarding the BGC ‘s previously raised ban.

BGC chief executive, Michael Dugher said: “We are delighted that casinos and bingo halls in Scotland have finally been given a date to re-open.

“They have demonstrated their commitment to ensuring the safety of their staff and customers, and it’s great that this has been recognised by the Scottish Government.

“We’re already looking forward to casinos in England opening their doors again this weekend, and I hope that their Welsh colleagues will soon be receiving the same good news.

“I’m also very pleased that the Scottish Government has listened to our concerns about betting shops having to switch off their gaming machines. It’s great that they will be back on again from 24 August.”