Casino Technology Advances In Georgian Market With New Slot Machines

With recent installations of the company’s newest and premium slot machines, Casino Technology is constantly advancing in the Georgian market. With the opening of a new office a year ago in the Georgian capital Tbilisi, Casino Technology is entering the country’s casino floors.

With the new installations in Casino Jewel, Tbilisi, the latest game packs Speed King, Gorilla Wheel, Clover Charm, Tower 102 are now available with the award-winning slot machine series EZ Modulo, and the dedicated 60-title multi-game Gamopolis Arch is also included in the premium ARCH cabinet.

Located at the luxury Biltmore Hotel in the heart of the capital Tbilisi, Casino Jewel offers its customers quality service and entertainment throughout the year. “We are very pleased to partner with Casino Technology as the company’s games are performing very well since instalment, adding the needed diversity on the floor and giving players a unique, fun, and truly outstanding experience”, said Hasan Leventyru, General Manager of Casino Jewel.

With the newest EZ Modulo slot cabinets and the premium ARCH, the company’s products have created a special space at the casino. The cabinets’ multicoloured lighting spans the monitor’s entire length, and all games feature a custom game content through the dash button from the digital topper down.