Casino Slot Machines Play Up Across Three US States

Slot machines across three US states seem to have a few problems recently, many beginning to trigger obvious problems for players who have documented several problems including jackpot award thefts.

Louisiana’s Jena Choctaw Pines Casino is one of the US locations experiencing serious problems, with the operator turning off 300 of 710 machines last week. Communication problems are probably the main cause, but the source of the interruptions could not be verified.

Marketing director Keith Young, at the Louisiana site, said: “I would love to be able to say yes this is exactly what happened because we would know exactly what to do to go and fix it. Unfortunately, we still don’t have that data. Once we get that and can now attack it and frankly that’s why we are building it from the ground up because whatever it was we are going to make sure it doesn’t exist anymore.”

Encore Boston Harbor has confirmed yet another occurrence. Many customers using the machines were met with an error linked to the slot ticket system, according to the reports. Casino officials said the issue was resolved in a timely manner but how many customers and devices were affected is still not clear.

Encore issued a statement that read: “We experienced a brief system failure with our slot ticket system in which we reverted to hand-paid jackpots. The problem has been resolved and we are paying all the winners. Customers have reported that some of the slot machines started coming back online around 9:30 p.m. Friday. If you were inside Boston Harbor and you experienced a slot machine failure, please contact us at [email protected].”

The company later reported that the issue was settled and that the slots are operating normally.

Newcastle Casino has suffered from slot problems in Oklahoma too. Shortly after one of the casino’s customers won $8.5 million on the machine this past Friday, an incident occurred. Maribel Sanchez spent some time at the casino when she hit the jackpot on a Liberty 7s slot machine, according to Oklahoma’s Fox 25. The machine switched off right after she took the jackpot, but Maribel took a picture of the screen… the casino said the slot machine had some problems that voided the reward. Sanchez is already planning a lawsuit and the casino can face serious problems