Casino Guru Praise Another Victory After Recovering $765k

Casino Guru has praised a year “full of achievements,” as well as focusing on “another victory” in the form of $765,000 recovered from wronged or mistreated players from their complaint resolution centre.

Casino Guru has been tasked with following up on, and building upon, the group’s recent accomplishments, which include the introduction of a multilingual forum and the surpassing of 3000 reviewed online casinos. In 2021, Casino Guru will be tasked with following up on, and building upon, these achievements.

Complaint resolution centre

This resulted in the recovery of $765,000 for wronged or mistreated players through their complaint resolution centre, which was first introduced in August of this year and is said to draw hundreds of players every month who want to air their grievances and complaints about particular casinos.

The centre received nearly 1,500 player complaints in the first three months of 2021, with a 70 percent resolution success rate in approved complaints.

This does not include cases that have been dismissed, which make up 57 percent of all complaints received this year. Lack of facts, unjustified grievances, or player unresponsiveness were all reasons for rejection, accounting for 37 percent of all rejections.

‘Grow and improve with each new challenge’

Matej Novota, the head of CasinoGuru’s complaint resolution centre, said: “I am extremely proud to say that since our centre’s launch, we’ve been able to grow and improve with each new challenge. 

“Every month, we break records. But it’s through the knowledge, skills, and dedication of our 10 incredible team members that we were able to become one of the top 5 complaint resolution centres in the world of online casinos.”

On the success of the complaint resolution centre Novota added: “It’s a combination of two factors – online casinos’ growing popularity and a lack of industry standards for T&C agreements. The more people play, the more people run into problems with online casinos and come to us for help.”