Casino Guru Lauds Historic T&C Alteration

In its efforts to transform the online gaming world for the better, Casino Guru has lauded a historic achievement for the company after disclosing that it is responsible for improving the terms and conditions for over 50 online casinos.

The independent source of igaming data claims that thanks to Casino Guru ‘s efforts, it has seen over 50 casinos delete or change parts of their T&Cs that were “not in line with fair gambling and player safety.”

Labelling player rights as one of its main goals, the company says that for over two years, ridding casinos’ T&Cs of “unfair and predatory clauses” has been part of the active efforts of Casino Guru.

Matej Novota, head of the casino review team at Casino Guru said: “We have fine-tuned our casino review process to identify unfair conditions and warn players about them in our reviews. Therefore, the highest casino ratings are reserved for venues that create a safe environment for their customers.”

According to Novota, a significant proportion of the clauses that have been deleted or amended have discussed a variety of main concerns that are identical.

These include coping with the inactive player account, the company says, and giving the casino the right to confiscate the balance of players who have not signed in or played in a certain period of time, giving the casino the right to deny withdrawals of players who have been found to use unusual betting patterns, restricting the size of winnings that can be accrued over a certain period of time.

“Casinos also often write their T&Cs in a way that’s difficult to understand and confusing, which leaves players helpless when trying to understand what they are and aren’t allowed to do,” it was added.

“Additionally, as the T&Cs are generally designed to protect the casino at all costs, this creates an unbalanced player-casino relationship that can be exploited by the casino.”