Casino Guru Encourages students to Enter Gambling Awareness Project

Casino Guru invites students from colleges and universities to participate in a scholarship competition that requires writing an essay on problem gambling or a closely related topic.

In addition to potentially introducing an area of emphasis in more academic or professional activities, the group hopes that the project can help spread knowledge about the risks of gambling among students.

Jan Kovac, one of Casino Guru’s founders said: “At Casino Guru, we care deeply about the issue of problem gambling and spreading the awareness of responsible gambling practices.

“We would like to encourage younger people and scholars to study this area and learn about it, perhaps inspiring a future career that will lead to making the gambling world safer, especially for vulnerable individuals. It is also necessary to educate the youth about the dangers of gambling, which we hope to accomplish as well.”

By submitting an essay on responsible gambling, gambling addiction, teenage gambling, gambling laws, or other similar subjects, students worldwide are able to participate.

The essay must be at least 3000 words long and must be submitted by the end of June 2021, with $1,000 awarded to the winning submission.

Kovac concluded: “We hope that this scholarship opportunity will motivate students to learn more about the issue of problem gambling. But it can also bring new, innovative insights and ideas, which we can then act upon to benefit the entire online gambling industry.”