Cash-O-Matic Slot

They say old is gold; that might be true. Yet, looks can be deceiving. Look at the design and the minimal yet straightforward graphics of the Cash-O-Matic slot game.

It borrows ideas from ancient tools like the cash register machine turned upside down to fit the modern world.

In this Cash-O-Matic slot review, we take a look at this simple yet elegantly created slot game. We dig down to understand how to play, interactive features included in the game and RTP. Moreover, symbols make a considerable part of any slot game. So, we seek to know how the symbols make up your total payout on the game wage.

About Cash-O-Matic slot Game

You might mystify the design of this game with an old cash register machine on a close look. NetEnt, known for graphics’ quality and details, changed the looks and gave the slot machine a better look with innovative features.

Cash-O-Matic is a video slot game with a layout featuring five reels and four rows. Unlike other slot games, there are no usual paylines included on the reel. Yet, you have different ways of playing the game with 1024 ways at your disposal to make a win.

On opening the game screen, you will realize the arrangement in a 5×4 grid layout running from right to left. The grid layout has the scatter indicator and, finally, the multiplier display. Also, at the machine’s base, you will find the coin indicator and the coin value button.

You will find the autoplay button for busy gamers who want to win cash while engaging in other activities. Moreover, the screen bottom has the bet level indicator displays with the adjustable button. And finally, the bet button is also shown at the bottom.

The beautiful ornamental display of the symbols with unique colours gives the game a superior look. The soft music playing in the background with an endless loop provides the game with an exciting feeling to the gamer.

The Cash-O-Matic game has symbols ranging from low-paying symbols to high-paying card symbols. The royal cards, J, Q, K, A, and 10, are low-paying symbols. In comparison, the beautiful coloured shapes include Red, purple, blue, and green.

The wild symbols are synonymous in many slot games. But, the Cash-O-Matic slot does not feature the wild. So, the scatter symbols take charge of the game, with excellent colour change. 

Importantly, take note of the absent spinning reel feature. More often, the feature awards players with single outcomes in the game. But, in the Cash-O-Matic slot game, the winning pool features an avalanche that fills your pocket with better returns.

The cash-O-Matic slot has features such as the free spins that award players with good cash—not forgetting the avalanche feature at the centre stage of the game. Consequently, you cannot ignore the role of the multiplier feature that increases the winning outcome.

How to Play Cash-O-Matic slot Game

Cash-O-Matic is a slot game that does not feature your usual paylines. However, the four rows, and the five-reel on a 5×4 setup, give you more chances to make combinations in 1024 winning ways. 

The NetEnt Company made it possible for you to play this game on a desktop, tablet devices, laptop, and any mobile device. It is because of the HTML5 technology they use in most of their online slot games.

Winning combinations in the game vary from one symbol to the other. The award is a win for your usual paying symbols if you land three to five symbols across the reel. 

The combination should run from the left of the reel to the right.

A winning combination will now trigger the avalanche mechanic. Once you have a winning combination, the symbols will remain on the reel, while those that did not form a combination disappear.

The winning combo falls to the reel base, and a new set of avalanche symbols appears at the top. A new winning combination will again fall to the bottom to join the previous combo while other symbols disappear. The sequence goes on and on until there are no more winning combinations.

To get your win, the avalanche has to end then the winnings are evaluated for you to get your payout.

The multiplier in the cash-o-Matic slot game triggers when you complete winning combinations in two rows, three rows, and four rows. That means:

  • two rows, the award is 2× multiplier.
  • three rows, you win a 4× multiplier.
  • four rows win you a 10× multiplier.

Once the running sequence has ended and paid, the multiplier factor will reset back to 1 multiplier.

Scatter symbols come in handy in this slot game when they land on any reel. The scatter symbols are then added to the scatter indicator button on the left of the reel. 

Besides, any winning combination of the scatter symbol can also trigger the avalanche. That will result in more scatter falling on the reel.

If you land ten scatter symbols of the like in one spin sequence, you trigger an extra spin feature. Therefore, if each spin sequence wins you a free spins feature, you will likely win up to 20 extra free spins.

The good news. The number of scatters that triggered the free spin feature also increases the multiplier factor’s value in the base game.


  • Winning 10-14 scatters, you get 2×, 3×, 8×, and 20× your win.
  • 15-19 scatters, earns you 3×, 6×, 12×, and 30× multiplier on your win.
  • 20 scatters and more you win yourself 5×, 10×, 20×, and 50× multiplier.

Therefore, landing a higher number of scatters that form a winning combination will be better for you. You not only increase the number of spins games but also better your final pay after a free spin feature has ended.

Interactive Features

Interactive special features keep the players glued to the game with the sole purpose of winning, encouraging payouts on their bet amount. Games exciting features like the progressive jackpot, bonus games, and game symbols put more power in the game.

Progressive Jackpot

A game with an increasing jackpot when it is not won puts the player at the edge of the seat, hoping to rake in more cash. Therefore if you are looking for such a feature in the Cash-O-Matic slot, the game might disappoint. 

However, with the four rows, and five reels with 1024 ways of winning, the game offers a maximum non-progressive jackpot of 50000× your bet amount. All you need to do is land more than 20 scatters with a screen full of premium symbols (red gemstones) and stake a maximum bet of £400 on each free spin.

Bonus Games

The Cash-O-Matic slot game features bonus games which are the avalanche, multiplier bonus features, and free spins features.


A winning combination of symbols land on the reel, remains on there and finally falls at the grid’s base. New symbols appear on the grid and fall at the base. The avalanche feature stops when no more winning combination is falling on the grid.

Multiplier Bonus

A multiplier bonus triggers when you fill two or more grid rows with winning symbol combinations on the multiplier meter. The maximum multiplier bonus ranges from ×1 up to 50x multiplier your bet amount for every successive row you fill. All these multipliers earn you impressive cashouts.

Free Spin Bonus 

To trigger the free spin bonus game, land enough scatter symbols on the reel during the gameplay. Remember, you need a minimum of 10 scatter symbols to enter the free spin features. However, more scatter symbols that you land might increase your bonus spins up to 50×.


Numerous symbols feature in the Cash-O-Matic slot game. Each symbol carries its value and purpose in the game. There are premium symbols, low-value symbols, and scatter symbols. Unlike other slot games, the cash-O-Matic slot game does not have the usual wild symbol.

Therefore, note the low-value symbols: J, Q, K, A, and 10. The precious gemstone symbols include Red, Blue, Green, Orange, and purple. The gemstone is the premium symbol that holds high value in the game.

The scatter is a symbol of interest in the slot game. It is a symbol that triggers free bonus spins and the Avalanche feature during the gameplay.

What Symbol Triggers Cash-O-Matic Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The scatter symbol triggers the bonus free spin. You have to land ten or more scatter symbols stacked within one spin sequence. The higher the number of scatters you land on the grid, the high number of free bonus spins you will have. Therefore if you land 20 plus scatter symbols, you win yourself 20 free spins bonus.

You can retrigger the free bonus spins because the moment you fill one row, it adds to the number of spins indicated in the spin meter on the left of the grid. The free spin adds value to the total payout because the maximum you can earn during the free spin goes up to 2000× your stake amount on the grid.

Paylines and Stakes


The difference between the Cash-O-Matic slot games with other slot games is the absence of the usual paylines. However, the paylines form part of the 1024 ways to stake and win cash on your bet amount. Somewhat, the 1024 ways go down to 20, which resembles the paylines.


The sweetness of this slot game lies in the staking power of the gambler. Besides targeting high bankrollers, the game caters to people with low budgets. Therefore the least bet amount you can stake on every spin is £0.20. For high bankrollers, you can stake up to a maximum of £400, which is likely to earn you impressive amounts of up to 2000×your stake.

The coins values available for you include 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, and 0.5. Again, the game has ten different bet levels, with bet level 1 having the lowest stake of £0.20 and a maximum of £10. It is the last bet level that gives a good return on your bet. The lowest bet amount is £2, and the highest amount is £100.

What is Cash-O-Matic Slot Game Software?

The Cash-O-Matic slot game is a design and a creation of the NetEnt giant software supplier of digitally gaming systems. The Company started in 1996.

The Company’s success anchors on the many years of experience it has been in operation. Leave alone high-quality games it has been creating over the years. NetEnt concentrates 100% on creating the games and supplying the same to its customers. That means there is no conflict of interest between casino owners and NetEnt.

NetEnt Company boasts several highly graphical and visually attractive online slot games. For that, the Company has created dozens of beautiful, unique, and familiar games like:

Apart from the wide range of games that NetEnt provides, like Boom Brothers, the Company has various awards under its name. Moreover, the firm featured in the Guinness world of records when they won one of their slot game jackpots. The awards won include.

  • Leading provider of live online casinos in 2019
  • Best jackpot slots provider
  • EGR Awards 2015. (Slots provider, Mobile provider, and innovation in mobile).

What is Cash-O-Matic Slots RTP? 

The classic Slot machine RTP (Return To Player) for Cash-O-Matic is 96.33%. Therefore for every £1 stake on 100 spin rounds, you are likely to win back £96.33. However, the RTP increases by a good margin during the free spins bonus feature, making it enjoyable to the player.

Slot Volatility

The cash-O-Matic slot machine is high to the medium volatile game. Therefore as a gamer, you should not expect big wins accompanied by frequent bonuses.


Looking at the game design might discourage you, bearing in mind the NetEnt software company’s great works. It is a simple game with no significant graphics and visuals used in this game. However, sometimes what is on the outside might not necessarily be a replica of the inside.

It is a game with extensive and impressive winning chances that you would love to try out. More so, the 1024 winning ways prove the game’s design wrong. Lack of the progressive jackpot does not hold you back. Conversely, you might end up with a total of £200,000, which is a decent amount for any player.

So, take advantage of the accessible mode online and learn all the features and rules. That will enable you to understand the game before trying your luck with real money.

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