Camelot UK Reveal Best Ever Sales Income Surpassing £8b

Camelot UK has announced that national lottery sales surpassed £8 billion for the first time in 2020/21, resulting in the best-ever sales income returns to good causes.

The National Lottery had total sales of £8.37 billion in the financial year 2020/21 (April to March 2021), up £468 million from the previous year.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic, record sales were reached, with Camelot citing that ‘swift interventions’ ‘aided a speedy recovery,’ allowing lottery distributors to pay more than £1 billion in funding to UK good causes in reaction to COVID-19.

Fourth consecutive year of rising sales

Sir Hugh Robertson, Chairman, stated: “This is the fourth consecutive year of rising sales since our strategic review in 2017. The National Lottery has delivered for the UK again this year, with the highest-ever returns for good causes from sales alone. A remarkable £1.2bn has been distributed to help the country respond to the impact of coronavirus. Without this money, many organisations would have ceased to function.”

Camelot reported a £153.6 million rise in revenues across all six of its lottery draw-based games, indicating excellent customer engagement with new lotto draw-based games.

It introduced a new £5 cash prize for matching two major numbers in a ‘Must Be Won’ Rolldown draw, which ‘continues to exceed expectations,’ alongside its new ‘Set for Life’ draw.

Instants sales increased to £3,683.2 million, with an increase in online instant games sales countering a drop in scratchcard sales, which were down year over year due to lower store footfall.

The lottery’s digital sales reached £3,509.5 million, up £1,052 million from the previous year and up 42.8 percent. Camelot’s Board of Directors approved an expedited investment plan for the digital channel in order to meet increased traffic.

Contact Centre for digital offerings

If people wanted to switch or play online for the first time, the lottery was able to manage a record number of players online. It also employed its Contact Centre to assist players who were unfamiliar with digital offerings.

As Camelot focused on transferring retail players to its online platforms, mobile sales increased by £876.4 million to an all-time high of £2,481.9 million, with the majority of these sales coming through the lottery’s applications.

Camelot said that £1,887.5 million was raised for good causes in 2020/21, the equivalent of £36 million a week. For the first time, Lottery Duty to the government surpassed £1 billion, amounting to a total of £3.1 billion delivered to society through good causes refunds, Lottery Duty, and retailer commission, a new high.

Camelot continued to return around 95 percent of all sales money to winners and society during the period, with around 1 percent of sales kept as profit under the conditions of its licence and 4 percent spent on running costs.

Incredible resilience and flexibility

Nigel Railton, the company’s CEO, said: “In what has been an extraordinarily challenging year, The National Lottery has demonstrated incredible resilience and flexibility to achieve this record performance. These results are a culmination of all of the work we’ve done over the last few years in the areas of brand, games, retail and digital.

“We know that last year could have been very different and it reminds us we can take nothing for granted. In the year ahead, we’ve got plans to give players more reasons to play and more ways to enjoy the fantastic projects made possible by The National Lottery. For that reason, I’m more optimistic than ever.”

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