Cam Adair Named As EPIC Online Gaming & Esports Consultant

Cam Adair has been named as EPIC Risk Management’s new Online Gaming and Esports Consultant, bolstering the company’s esports experience.

Adair will assist EPIC extend its work in reducing gambling-related harm throughout the interlaced world of esports and gaming in his new job, with a particular focus on the company’s education and professional sports pillars in the UK, Europe, and the United States.

To reduce gambling-related harm

“I am excited to collaborate with EPIC Risk Management to reduce gambling-related harm in gaming and esports,” Adair stated of his new post at EPIC Risk Management.

“With the explosive growth of the gaming industry in recent years and its convergence with gambling through loot boxes, social casino games and esports betting, it’s more important than ever that we safeguard players with the education they need to make informed decisions.”

Prior to joining EPIC, Adair developed Game Quitters, a support forum for gamers in 95 countries, and is widely regarded as a specialist in the cognitive treatment of gaming disorders. He also introduced the INTENTA Gaming Disorder Clinical Training in 2020.

Influential and knowledgeable figure

Paul Buck, CEO at EPIC Risk Management said: “We’re delighted to bring such an influential and knowledgeable figure in the esports and online gaming landscape into EPIC Risk Management.

“Cam is someone we have admired for some time, with his work in addiction and focus on mental health is something we feel mirrors our own approach in preventing gambling-related harm.

“The esports and gaming landscape is an area that is receiving more and more scrutiny and in Cam, we have someone who can help shape our approach and help connect with an extremely important demographic.”

Further educational sessions

EPIC’s Director of the United Kingdom and the Rest of the World, Patrick Foster, added: “We work with some incredible partners in the education sector, and we are looking at providing further educational sessions around esports and gaming on the back of their requests to provide sessions on this growing theme.

“Again, in our Professional Sports pillar where we work with the likes of the Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, Manchester City FC, English Football League (EFL), Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA), and the Rugby Players’ Association (RPA), we have had similar feedback and requests for their players.

“In Cam, we have a wealth of knowledge to tap into for us to provide the right and pertinent information to at-risk demographics.”

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