Calls To StopSpillet In First YearStop More Than Expected

During its first year of operations, Danish regulator Spillemyndigheden announced that the number of calls received in 2019 by its StopSpillet helpline was ‘more than expected.’

During the year, 722 people reached the helpline, which the regulator said showed ‘that there is a great need for a national helpline providing advice and counselling about responsible gambling.’

Linda Lomborg, head of division at StopSpillet, said: “Compared to other types of addiction, compulsive gambling is not immediately visible and may be hidden for a long time to the outside world.

“This emphasises the need for a helpline such as StopSpillet, offering confidential conversations about a problem that can be associated with a lot of guilt and shame.”

StopSpillet has trialled a live chat feature since December 2019 that enables gamblers to reach out directly to the helpline. In March, the trial period is due to close.

Director of the Gaming Authority Birgitte Sand added: “We can see that most of the players who call fall in the categories of problem and compulsive gamblers. In other words, we get through to those who need us and are able to help many of those who have ended up in an unhappy situation because of gambling.”

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