Caesars Entertainment Announce Further Resort Fee Spikes

Caesars Entertainment has announced it will be raising resort fees at four additional Las Vegas properties.

VitalVegas broke the news first, announcing that The Linq Hotel, Harrah’s Las Vegas, Flamingo and Bally’s will increase their rates beginning on March 3, taking the overall fee up from $35 to $37, totalling $41.95 a night after taxes are applied.

Later the Las Vegas Review-Journal followed up on the inspiration for the move with Caesars. This “brings these properties in line with their competitive set, such as MGM Grand and The Mirage,” Caesars Entertainment spokesman Rich Broome noted. Those two properties on their websites post a $39 pre-tax charge.

Caesars Rewards loyalty card holders with a Seven Star and Diamond level status will be exempt from the charge, as this standard level is fully excluded from resort fees. The hike will only apply to non-members, or lower level members.

Lauren Wolfe, a Travelers United lawyer and advocate for ending resort fees, says the practise will ultimately ruin Las Vegas. “I think people are upset and people want to see an end to these fees so it’s really disappointing to see these hotels go in the opposite direction,” she said.

Though he probably isn’t exactly on the same page as Wolfe, Tony Rodio, CEO of Caesars, also warned at one point in time that the industry needed to be careful with hiking fees. He didn’t feel that Caesars had reached a break point, but acknowledged that it’s a revenue source that’s hard to leave, and admitted that “we’re getting pretty high.”

With Las Vegas visit staying relatively flat in recent years, the new fees might be a way to bring in new revenue. Yet they could push away customers who dislike the fee hike, and in combination with those who want to avoid traditional gatherings as the fears of coronavirus rise, the Caesars could hit the point that Rodio talked about earlier than he expected.

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