Cabinet Reshuffle Signals National Lottery Tender Delay

Domestic and international bidding parties trying to participate in the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) 2020 National Lottery tender were disappointed after possibly delays according to news reports.

The Financial Times revealed this week that the UKGC had not released its’ procurement questionnaire’ to bidding parties, a main tender practise expected to be approved in early February.

The Financial Times notes in its report that the tender timetable for the UKGC’s National Lottery will likely be postponed by two to three months, disappointing competing parties trying to contest Camelot UK’s position as the National Lottery’s lead operator.

While, iNewspaper ( reports that PM Boris Johnson is rethinking obligations over which department of government will administer the National Lottery tender management.

PM Johnson is said to consider moving the regulatory functions of National Lottery from the Department of Culture, Digital, Media and Sport (DCMS) to a ‘beefed up’ business department or the Cabinet Office.

A delay is also expected as PM Boris Johnson reorganises his senior cabinet this week in which department heads are waiting for the government’s Spring Budget to be released.

Therefore, the PM is likely to seek to reduce the demands placed on DCMS during a busy 2020, in which the department has been charged with reviewing the licencing fee conditions of the BBC and the digital standards of the United Kingdom.

The UKGC has maintained that the dates in its timetable’ were only indicative’ and that when the tender is approved all the bidding parties will be put on an equal footing.