Buenos Aires Legislature To Discuss Two Online Gaming Bills

The City of Buenos Aires Legislature will discuss two bills this Thursday to govern the online gaming industry. One would lay down a legislative structure that would include protections for problem gambling, while the other would create a new law on online gambling.

The ban on credit cards in the online gambling industry is suggested by a requirement of the Coalición Cívica that is part of the ruling party. To help discourage the same player from compulsively playing with different cards, players will only be permitted to bet with debit cards.

In addition, they would need a special section to control that the site is not open to minors and recipients of social plans. nThe “materialisation of betting needs to happen in the city of Buenos Aires,” according to existing law, so the government would need to come up with a control system to exempt players residing in other provinces in Argentina.

The opposition may also pursue a full advertisement ban, and the government may also examine whether betting operator sponsorships could also be banned under this legislation.

In order to encourage licenced land-based casino operators to engage in the process, the Legislature plans to adopt an amendment to the existing online gaming law, which came into effect in February 2020.

In addition , the law will provide a “clean record” clause to prohibit “prosecuted people or in trial for crimes such as human, drugs or guns trafficking and money laundering”  from applying for a licence.

In the capital city, the online gambling law stipulates that operators do not pay any fees but still contribute a percentage of the bets (between 10 percent and 20 percent of each bet) and 6 percent of the gross profits. Licenses will be valid for a period of five years, while the city’s Ministry of Finance will regulate the industry.