Buenos Aires’ Chiefs Meet To Move Horse Racing Activity Forward

The Chief of Staff of the Province of Buenos Aires, Carlos Bianco, has stated that the La Plata, San Isidro, Tandil and Azul racetracks will resume their operations on October 1, but only in compliance with strict protocols. The announcement was made, following a meeting at the headquarters of the local gambling regulator, the Provincial Institute of Lottery and Casinos (IPLyC).

“We met at the IPLyC offices with different representatives of the horse racing sector to inform them that, as of October 1, we will enable the activity without the public,” Bianco said.

In order to reopen the provincial racetracks, the IPLyC has established a protocol with sanitary steps to be taken by all the racetracks. The horse racing authorities projected they could return this week at the beginning of the month, but they eventually reached an agreement and the reopening of October was approved by the Buenos Aires Governor Axel Kicillof.

IPLyC President Omar Galdurralde, Provincial Director of Racetracks and Casinos Cristian Segal, Lottery Vice-President María Laura García, Senator Gervasio Bozzano and IPLyC Executive Secretary Juan Padín participated in the conference.

The Hipódromo de Palermo resumed racing activity in the city of Buenos Aires on August 28, without the public attendance and limited to daytime activities. Horses will remain in the facility only during the races to escape large crowds, but will not be able to stay afterwards to deter more people from entering the course.

As was the case in the province, in mid-March, the Palermo racetrack was forced to close down its doors to avoid the spread of virus in Argentina, one of the worst affected by the pandemic worldwide.