BtoBet To Provide Neuron Network To Namibian Allbet

BtoBet is supplying Namibian retailer Allbet with its white label network Neuron in a contract spanning both retail and digital platforms.

Allbet would gradually incorporate the technology of BtoBet across its distribution network in advance of a digital platform launch.

As BtoBet has recently announced deals in Madagascar and Nigeria, the supplier said the alliance with Allbet, a company owned by Bandits Group, is further evidence that it has become a major player in the region.

“BtoBet’s vision has always been to partner with strategic operators that share BtoBet’s same passion for the sports betting and gambling industry, and seek to achieve excellence through technological innovation,” BtoBet said.

Andre Botha, managing member of Bandits, said: “BtoBet provided fantastic customer service in the investigation phase of us selecting a partner. Their software and platforms are very well setup with extensive functionality and focused on ease of use for the operator. The Neuron platforms are cutting edge and placed in the forefront of the industry.”

After announcing a partnership with local operator Parisport through its Certified Partner for Africa, STM Gaming, BtoBet expanded in the region of Mauritius and Madagascar in October. The collaboration will consist of providing for the digital and retail gaming network of the operator with a’ lite’ version of the advanced Neuron system.

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