BtoBet Reaffirms Commitment After Establishing Ohrid Tech Hub

By establishing a new technological centre in Ohrid, Macedonia, BtoBet has reaffirmed its commitment to the development of sportsbook and gaming technologies.

Software development engineering, product management, data analytics, integrations, and setup processes will be the focus of the centre.

Maintaining growth momentum

BtoBet’s Chief Operations Officer, Dima Reiderman, stated: “Our emphasis on digital innovation, product and data engineering are a good fit with the technology talent pool in Macedonia. BtoBet is maintaining its growth momentum and bringing the best aspects of an iGaming technology company to this exciting region. 

“The hub will help drive a wide range of sports betting solutions, having at their core cutting-edge machine learning and data science techniques that will deliver a bet-stimulating experience.”

The new innovation centre, according to BtoBet, is the result of a considerable investment in its platform capabilities to create “a player-centric betting environment.”

BtoBet’s Managing Director, Zoran Spasov said: “It is another step in expanding our global footprint to hire the best talent available as we continue to scale.

“Macedonia is fast becoming an Eastern European technology hub and has leading software companies in the area. The addition of Ohrid to our network of sportsbook innovation hubs and offices highlights our commitment to position BtoBet as the leading platform provider in the iGaming industry.”

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