BtoBet Prepares To Launch Neuron 3

BtoBet is preparing to launch Neuron 3, the company’s 3rd generation single-solution iGaming platform that provides operators with all the business management tools, APIs, widgets and readily integrated apps that are required. Operators will concentrate on improving the UX component of their company by using the platform.

The app will also offer a single betting experience across a broader and digitally advanced channel range, which will be officially unveiled at ICE London. It, BtoBet said, helps operators to tailor betting experiences to their players’ specific needs.

Sabrina Soldà, Chief Marketing Officer of BtoBet, said the introduction of the campaign Neuron 3 marks the beginning of an exciting year ahead for BtoBet. She addressed how the company is looking to strengthen its position as the advanced technology partner for bookmakers looking to build their UX based on target player data in 2020.

“Most markets are evolving in such a way where differentiation amongst the competition is not only more and more sought for by the operators themselves in order to compensate for an increasingly saturated industry, but also at the same time more difficult to achieve due to technological constraints where in most occasions the end result of the whole UX is directly dependent and reflects the way in which the platform providers envisions the whole player journey,” she said.

“Neuron 3 is a definitive and significant step forward from this regard, with operators truly able to express and develop the player experience according to their target customers.”

The new campaign begins with a new concept that “envisions the flourishing of the platform’s core technology and depicts its metamorphosis throughout the various stages of the player’s journey”.


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