Brazilian Envoy Heads To Spain To Learn Betting Safeguards

Next week a special delegation of Brazilian politicians and football executives will make the journey to Spain to research the legislative frameworks governing sports betting throughout the country.

The envoy will be led by Brazil’s Chamber of Duties president Rodrigo Maia and São Paulo Football Federation president Reinaldo Carneiro Bastos.

Whilst in Spain, Brazilian executives will research the safeguards of Spanish football related to betting integrity dynamics and effective measures to protect athletes from match-fixing.

In addition, Brazil’s Chamber of Duties has conveyed that the executives will seek to learn about additional betting-related funding models for the development of Brazilian football.

The delegation heads to Spain as Secretariat for Evaluation Planning, Energy and Lottery (SECAP)–the agency responsible for regulatory growth of Brazilian sports betting–launched yet another consultation this February to evaluate licencing mechanisms, which may see Brazil following a’ fixed concessions model’ and limiting the number of licences available.

The new consultation was launched following an intervention by Brazil’s National Treasury, which called for the reassessment of draught licencing models with the aim of providing better oversight of licenced betting operators and their activities to the government.

Following the release of the initial ‘draft decree’ of SECAP on sports betting, Brazilian sports figureheads urged the PSL government to establish a ‘sports anti-corruption’ unit to develop match-fixing safeguards.

Reviewing the market proposals of SECAP, the IBIA’s international sports betting integrity body stressed that the integrity frameworks of the decree were considerably insufficient should Brazil move to regulate a modern sports betting sector.