Bragg Gaming Praise Google’s Online Gaming Accessibility

According to Bragg Gaming Group, Google’s decision to allow the download of online gaming apps in 15 more countries would support the industry’s objective of ensuring a stable, controlled market for players.

Enabling real money downloads

Google is to extend its Play Store gambling conditions from March 1, enabling downloads of real money games for the markets of Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden and the USA.

As part of its stable and having recently graduated from the Toronto Stock Exchange, Bragg Gaming, which includes Oryx Gaming, states that Google’s “support of the online gaming industry is an exciting development.”

Plans for Canadian and American growth

The company has recently documented its plans to achieve substantial growth across Canada and the US, two of which are part of Google’s expanded agenda, following the achievement of a range of strategic goals. Bragg announced that it is in the process of applying in the US for licenses for B2B suppliers.

Exciting development for players everywhere

Adam Arviv, CEO of Bragg Gaming, said of the development said: “Google’s support of the online gaming industry is an exciting development for players everywhere.

“Access to gaming is opening up around the world and Google is just one of the many organisations and jurisdictions that are evolving to support increased access. This will also assist in the gaming industry’s goal of ensuring a safe, regulated market for today’s players.”

Gambling license and ‘adult content’

In conjunction with the announcement, Google has warned that apps will be removed directly if their offers exceed the scope of the gambling license. In addition, prior to user installation, all applications must be registered as ‘Adult Content’ and show user information on responsible gambling clearly.

Google has allowed its Play Store network to process unlimited real money app purchases for the UK, France and Ireland markets since 2017, thus encouraging Brazilian users to download state-licensed lottery and wagering applications for horseracing.