Bovada Sets Out Lines For Saturday’s Virtual Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby usually takes place on the first Saturday in May – except for its run in June in 1945 due to World War II – and is by far the world’s largest horseracing event.

The rivalry was first seen in 1875, when Aristides took the first ever title and since then the Run for the Roses has remained highly popular. The current condition created by the coronavirus has forced all sporting activity to change their schedules, and there was no exception to the Kentucky Derby.

It is now tentatively scheduled for September but there will always be plenty to look forward to those who don’t want to forego their Future horseracing action. Tomorrow is going to be a virtual Kentucky Derby and the Bovada sportsbook has made sure that it has the lines lined for fans of gambling.

Tomorrow from 3:00 to 6:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, the Kentucky Derby: Triple Crown Showdown will be on the NBC. Run together with Inspiring Entertainment it features a virtual battle of the past century’s 13 Triple Crown winners. NBC also has a special series that will air along with the event, American Pharoah’s Run to the Triple Crown, a 2015 Derby horse win documentary.

Through the years, there have been plenty of high-profile horses to take the Crown but none stands out as the Secretariat. The thoroughbred claimed all three Triple Crown races in 1973 and still holds the record for the 1 1⁄4 mile Churchill Downs run, as well as the record for the Belmont 1 1⁄2 mile dirt run. In the U.S., Secretariat will continue to become an iconic name, having its name on a postage stamp, over 200 streets, its own festival, and a film. ESPN has him rated as the 20th century’s 35th best North American athlete.

Inspired describes Triple Crown Showdown tomorrow as a “computer-simulated version of a race at Churchill Downs Racetrack.” The gaming industry adds: “Historical information about these horses and their racing records has been utilised in the software, which helps to determine the probability of their potential finishing positions. This probability is based on their past form and performance in other races.”

Based on the dominant success of the Secretariat, Bovada is putting the odds at + 225 to win. The online sportsbook gives Citation the next best odds, at + 500, which stems from his 1948 results. He was the first horse to win over $1 million in race earnings and finished his brief career in 1951 after picking up 16 straight wins in total. You can read out Bovada Review to find out more about this bookmaker.

Certain race entries include Affirmed and Seattle Slew, both at + 800 and Whirlaway at + 900. Sir Barton, who won the 1919 Triple Crown, has the longest odds at + 3300.